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photo of Eva EastonThank you for visiting my 20-year-old site.

I invite you to join me at my new site, You will learn Reduction and Linking, the secret to sounding like an American. Every week, you'll find a new "secret" of Authentic American Pronunciation.


Consonant Sound Pair
Voiceless /t/ & Voiced /d/

Sound-Spelling Pattern

Cardinal Numbers

/t/ /t/ or /d/

50, 60 = /t/
others = /d/

thir - teen /t/
four - teen /t/
fif - teen /t/
six - teen /t/
seven - teen /t/
eigh - teen /t/
nine - teen /t/
twen - ty /n/
thir - ty /d/
for - ty /d/
fif - ty /t/
six - ty /t/
seven - ty /d/
eigh - ty /d/
nine - ty /d/

Vocabulary: A teenager is a person between 13 and 19.

Ordinal Numbers