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Stress Patterns



There is a small group of
2-syllable nouns & verbs which are spelled the same.
The difference is the stress.

90% are stressed
on the first syllable.
prefix + root
stress on the root
the áddict
the cónduct
the cónflict
the cóntract
the cónvert
the cónvict
the défect
the désert
the ínsert
the ínsult
the óbject
the pérmit
the présent
the próduce
the prógress
the próject
the rébel
the récord
the súbject
the súspect
to addíct
to condúct
to conflíct
to contráct
to convért
to convíct
to deféct
to desért
to insért
to insúlt
to objéct
to permít
to presént
to prodúce
to progréss
to projéct
to rebél
to recórd
to subjéct
to suspéct